Bali Architecture Services

At Architecture Studio, we will work with you on your architectural project as a consultant and designer. We will always work in our clients’ best interest to ensure that all business and home designs reflect what the client wants. Not only that, but we will also work to ensure that our projects are built to the highest construction standards from the most sustainable and efficient materials available.

Expert Architectural Design

From alterations and remodeling to entirely new designs and construction, our Bali architects are highly skilled and very experienced in a variety of areas, including but not limited to residential and commercial designs, restaurants, office buildings, and more. We specialize in minimalist and tropical architecture with a modern flair, and we are true experts in combining our clients’ vision with our own experience and architectural knowledge.

Not only are we world-class designers, though, but we also have a strong understanding of construction and building materials. We combine all of this expertise to create the best designs for our clients.

Sustainable Architecture in Bali

In addition to our superior architectural design and communication skills, we are also committed to and passionate about sustainable development in Bali. With education in Housing and Urbanism from the Architectural Association in London, as well as extensive experience here in Bali, we are uniquely qualified to design and develop the most eco-friendly and sustainable buildings for our clients.

As a Bali architecture firm, we believe in community and communication. We believe that developers, local councils, and the community should work together to achieve sustainable, environmentally friendly projects. Through this kind of collaboration and engagement, we are able to use our local knowledge and robust experience and organizational skills to create projects and developments that satisfy local government policies and creating profitability for developers, as well.


Expat and Investor Services

If you are a foreign national or developer relocating to Bali and investing here, we can help you. As experienced Bali architects, we offer a unique source of practical, local expertise and hands-on assistance to make your relocation and/or local Bali investment a success. Whether you’re renovating, rebuilding, or starting from scratch, we make development in Bali easy and stress-free.

We also maintain working relationships with a number of high quality contractors and builders that we can recommend to you for any large or small project. Plus, as locals, we can assist you with the local bureaucratic processes involved in designing and constructing any building. We have the organizational skills and connections to supervise your project from start to finish and will ensure that all of your details and specifications are included on our schedules and drawings.


International Design

Though we are a local Bali architecture firm, we are also very experienced and comfortable with working nationally and internationally. Our team can easily adapt to diverse climates and cultures to create the best designs for any client anywhere in the world. We do extensive research on all of our international projects to ensure that our designs perfectly fit your lifestyle, business model, culture, and needs.

In particular, we specialize in designing sustainable, eco-friendly buildings in environmentally sensitive locations where buildings must have the smallest environmental impact possible. To this end, we are very comfortable collaborating with partners around the globe to create the most environmentally sound projects for our clients.


Planning Permits and Building Control

Whether you are in need of residential or commercial architectural design in Bali, you can count on Architecture Studio for in-depth knowledge of all requirements in your area for planning and building control. We work closely with all local statutory authorities on all of our projects to obtain all necessary permits as quickly as possible.


Working Drawings and Specifications

We create and supply the highest quality architectural specifications and working drawings for all of our projects. These can easily be used by local, national, and international architects, contractors, and builders to create buildings that meet our clients’ needs.


External Technical Reviews

External technical review services are available upon request to our clients, as well as to local, national, and international architecture firms.


Design Consulting and Advice

Architecture Studio also offers design advice and consultation services for clients who already have architectural designs for their projects. These include but are not limited to decision-making and stakeholder consultations for:

•    Feasibility studies
•    Budget analysis and setting
•    Design proposal appraisals
•    Procurement procedures
•    Design brief development


Full List of Architectural Services

Our professional architectural services include:

•    Planning permitting
•    Residential and leisure building designs
•    Commercial building designs
•    Restaurant building designs
•    Interior design
•    Restoration of listed buildings
•    Technical drawings and plans
•    Feasibility studies
•    Project management on construction sites
•    Submissions and approval for building control
•    Construction quality assurance
•    Contract administration
•    Supervisory services on building construction contracts
•    Client design consulting and advice


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