WHO WE ARE“I believe that a true Bali architect balances theory with experience and vision. We work together with our clients to create truly beautiful modern architecture while maintaining sustainable practices and sourcing the most eco-friendly materials.”

 Roy Boedi


established by Roy Boedi Utama on March 5th, 2009, our design is exclusive and under copyright from Kementrian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia - Indonesia IDM000306490 and C00200901967, with specializing in Architectural and Interior Design Services ( AIDS ) also in Urban Community and Planning Development ( UCPD ).

Master degree in Housing and Urbanism by the Architectural Association in London UK

Having graduated from Petra University in Surabaya with a Master’s degree in Housing and Urbanism from the Architectural Association in London UK on Sustainable Urban Development completed in 2001-2002, and after some working experiences for Jakarta and Bali architecture firms, Roy Boedi Utama decided that it was time to start a new kind of architectural firm. Roy is dedicated to creating beautiful, timeless, and sustainable buildings and structures, and he and his team have dedicated Architecture Studio to this cause by applying his education, experience, and innovative thinking to all of Architecture Studio’s projects.

Architecture Studio team believe in designing and building home designs, businesses, and other structures that will stand the test of time. As Bali architects they have the vision, experience, and theory necessary to find the very best, most beautiful, and most energy efficient solutions for every project we undertake. Whatever your needs, if you’ve been looking for a sustainable Bali design studio, you’ve found it here at Architecture Studio.

Architecture Studio has a unique approach to creating the modern tropical designs their clients want in the most efficient way possible. As a highly experienced architect in Bali, Roy Boedi Utama and his team have the vision, philosophy, education, and experience you need to do more than just build a structure or remodel an existing building.

"Not only do we apply our superior architectural skills, experience, and creativity to all of our modern Bali house designs, but we also take a unique and highly effective approach to finding out what our clients really want."